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Employee Handbook

Employee Handbooks – The Art of Designing Handbooks!

(Crafting Leave Policies-PTO, Sick & Vacation)

Learn the professional’s secrets to writing policy that says what needs to be said, works in the real world, and doesn’t turn into a landmine in a plaintiff attorney’s hands.  

Writing handbook policies that work in your business is less a science than an art…with a few twists.  Everyone who has ever stared at the blank sheet of paper or tried to modify a plagiarized policy to suit their needs knows what a daunting task it can be.  And while starting with template is a great place to get your creative, administrative, financial, and larcenous mind working, policies still require the personal touch.

Join us on February 15th where you get to step into the mind of an HR professional as she walks you through the creative and scientific process of creating bullet-proof policies that work in your environment.

During this brief one-hour session you’ll learn:

  • The importance of knowing your company’s tolerance levels for policy offenders.
  • How to determine if the administrative burden of the policy could make or break your budget.
  • You’ll journey step-by-step through the policy development plan.
  • Learn the key elements that should be included in every paid leave policy.
  • Discover the magic and mayhem that “Will and May” bring to every handbook policy.

Don’t miss out.  This is too important to let pass you by.  And it will be the last time this year to learn everything you wanted to know about your EmployeeHandbook’s policies…before your handbook lands you in court.


Earlier Event: January 18
Later Event: April 19
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