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Meet The Team

If you want the distinct advantage over your competition, do what smart U.S. business owners and HR Professionals are doing every day. Avoid employment rough spots and costly mistakes by getting started with your own Program TODAY!

Founder / COnsulting Partner

I Love Human Resources!

Carol Westberry is the Founder & Consulting Partner of PSSworks! and she is the Founder and Chief HR Passion Officer of™, your online, on-demand resource for HR templates, forms, eBooks and templates.

While Carol understands that not everybody loves HR, she knows that HR risk avoidance is necessary and essential for all businesses to survive. Her number one goal has been to provide her clients with straightforward, compliant, business-based solutions that are easy-to-implement and that will save them time and money.

Carol’s primary focus is Human Resources Compliance, and she has an impressive track record of defusing potential HR complaints before they turn into costly EEOC charges or lawsuits. 

Carol and her team are experienced in achieving successful employee counseling outcomes, managing employee discharges, designing policies that work, and keeping management up-to-date with the ever-changing employment laws.

Since the early 80’s, Carol has been a practicing Human Resources Professional with extensive experience in a wide variety of industries. In 2003, she was persuaded to leave corporate America to share her HR knowledge with small and midsize business owners who needed her expertise but couldn’t afford the salary of a Senior HR professional. In 2005, Carol and her team launched her first vision of In 2013, the full-online vision of was born.


Carol is an author, accomplished trainer and motivational speaker. As a featured speaker at numerous annual conferences and conventions, she has designed and delivered HR compliance focused workshops to thousands of people over the years. Carol is a graduate of Patricia Stevens College for Women and has been certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) by the Human Resources Certification Institute since 1997 and is an active member of the national Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM).

Carol Westberry participates in the Workforce Magazine Think Tank Sessions as part of their Business Intelligence Board.




The HR Certification Institute is the internationally recognized credentialing body for human resource professionals. The Institute’s purpose is to promote the establishment of professional standards and to recognize professionals who meet those standards. The Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR®) certification is recognized as a professionally relevant credential for those who have mastered the strategic and policy-making aspects of HR management in the United States.

It is designed for the HR professional who plans HR policy, has ultimate HR accountability, has a depth of knowledge in all HR disciplines, and understands the business impact of HR on the overall organization.

To become certified HR professional, an applicant must pass a high-stakes, comprehensive examination and demonstrate a strong background of professional human resource experience. In order to retain this prestigious certification, the HR professional must recertify every three years validating a current knowledge of employment laws, business management, and business strategy. Certification and recertification may be verified on the website.


The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) is the world’s largest organization dedicated exclusively to the human resource profession. This certification is 100% focused on the competencies and knowledge all HR professionals need to lead in business. The purpose of this certification is to promote HR competencies as well as knowledge, and their application, and to ensure the professional’s ability to demonstrate their knowledge in a variety of business situations encountered globally.

To become a SHRM certified Senior professional, an applicant must pass a comprehensive assessment and demonstrate a strong knowledge of human resource competencies. To maintain the SHRM-SCP, the HR professional must recertify every three years. Certification and recertification may be verified on the website.

Managing Partner


If there’s one thing corporate taught me, it’s that maintaining flow and ease in a business comes from creating systems that work for you, not against you.

Running a profitable, successful business requires a convergence of creativity and organization. Most people usually lead with their right brain (creativity) or their left brain (organization)…but few people can lead with both. That’s where my genius comes in. My super powers meet in the middle of both worlds. I’m an organizational nerd and a closet creative…

What this means for you is, I’m able to see and understand your creative vision and how to make it work in the real world.

All my life, I’ve been a fixer. If I look back through my childhood I can see a pattern of finding creative solutions to problems. Anytime there was a problem to be solved, I stubbornly found a way around it, through it, or I’d dig out a new route underneath it. I didn’t like being told that something wasn’t possible.


Fortunately, my brain is wired that way. My innate ability to see a problem from a big-picture perspective carried over into my corporate life where my colleagues also turned to me to make things happen. 

Whether I was reworking a broken process or setting up a strategic plan to bring in more revenue, I became known as the go-to problem solver on the team. Managing projects, creating systems, and taking great ideas from concepts to reality are truly my zone of genius. 

I flourished in corporate until 2011, when I retired after a successful 25-year career. I was proud of my success, but the truth is, I was ready to shake things up. I hung out my shingle and started offering Chief Operating Officer consulting services. I started working with creative, solution-focused clients, helping them scale their businesses. I knew intuitively that what they were missing was a partner to oversee their operations, someone who could move their business away from the start-up phase into full fledge growth mode.

Using my own proprietary 5-Core Business System, I discovered that I could help them stop spinning in circles and unpack all their ideas into real actionable plans.

Creative entrepreneurs can often generate endless ideas, but when it comes time to put pen to paper and transform their brilliant ideas into reality, they become stymied.

My role as your Chief Operating Officer is to step in and become the executive counterpart you need. I help you solve problems, create new services and optimize current ones, and set up systems that make your job easier. I don’t work from the sidelines as a coach; rather, I’m in the trenches making things happen.


Career Experience

  • Chief Operating Officer Consultant - April 2011 - Present

  • President: April 2002 - April 2011
    Private Servicing Organization

    Executive responsible for all aspects of the organization such as Human Resources, Marketing and Compliance, Education and Development, Customer Service, and Leadership Development.

  • Vice President of Credit Card Services: June 1999 - April 2002
    Key Financial Systems

    Executive responsible for managing entire Operational Team in all aspects of Company Operations. Managed full credit card processing center and 200+ seat Call Center. Responsible for Compliance such as Regulation Z, Regulation B, Fair Credit Reporting Act, GLBA, and Fair Debt Collection Practices.
  • Vice President of Customer Services: August 1984 - June 1999
    Key Bank & Trust

    Executive responsible for managing Customer Service, Compliance, and Education and Development in all aspects of company operations.



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