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Licensing Agreement

Licensing Agreement

Important:  Please read this document. 

It has important information concerning your legal right to customize and reproduce our materials.

Dear™ Subscriber,

Thank you for your purchase!™ forms and materials are general in nature, commonly applicable in most U.S. jurisdictions, and are not based on the laws of any other country, or specific to any state, province, or other jurisdictions.  The content and/or guidance is based on general U.S. business principles and standard human resources practices of the United States of America. We highly recommend that these materials should only be used after first consulting with an attorney or other expert knowledgeable in the laws of your jurisdiction and who understands the specific intended use of these materials.


The Westberry Group, Inc. grants the following rights for purchased items upon receipt of your full payment to™,LLC and/or The Westberry Group, Inc.(hereafter, TWG).  Until payment is received by TWG, no rights are granted.  These rights and permissions are granted solely to the Purchaser.  Rights and permissions are not saleable or transferable to anyone other than the Purchaser. Purchaser’s rights may be terminated by The Westberry Group, Inc. at its sole discretion.  Termination of licensing rights due to willful violation of this agreement may result in legal actions. Termination of this licensing agreement due to your violation of it might result in legal action against you.

What You May Do

  1. The materials contained on™ are unique and copyrighted.
  2. As the Purchaser, you may make as many copies of the forms and materials contained in the purchased item or program as long as they are only used by you and/or for the employees of your company in the performance of their duties as your employee. As the materials contained on are unique and copyrighted, you may use them only as specifically allowed in this agreement.
  3. You may make copies and/or distribute as many copies of the purchased items as long as they are only distributed to employees of your company. (Application forms or other pre-hiring documents may be used by individuals seeking employment with your company for the sole purpose of obtaining employment with your company.)
  4. Purchasers may modify the purchased forms, templates, policies, or checklists at their own discretion including but not limited to branding with the purchased item with your company name, logo, address, and contact information. The materials and programs purchased are intended to be a flexible resource of HR materials for your own customized use.
  5. Purchasers may copy and distribute copies of eBooks, eArticles, HR Life Line newsletter articles, and other copyrighted material as long as they are only used by you and/or for the employees of your company in the performance of their duties as your employee.
  6.™ copyright line must appear on all copied materials. You may NOT modify or alter these materials in any way.

What You May NOT Do

  1.™ forms, checklists, template, policies, eBooks, eArticles, or other materials or information may not be copied or reproduced for resale, syndication, or any other use not outlined above without the prior written permission of an authorized representative of The Westberry Group, Inc.
  2. None of the materials or program purchased may be copied or reproduced for distribution to anyone who is not an employee of the Purchaser.
  3. Multi-client companies such as PEO’s, HRO’s, ASO’s, or any company who provides services to client Companies including but not limited to consultants, accountants, attorneys, may not distribute or use these materials for the purposes of their client companies. We are happy to support your efforts to serve your clients. Please contact our Community Relations Liaison at The Westberry Group, Inc. (813) 677-1335 for re-print permissions, extended licensing agreements, and pricing.
  4. Modifications or edits to our eBooks, eArticles, or other informational source materials is strictly PROHIBITED.  (This license agreement only allows authorized purchasers to modify, brand, customize, and otherwise make changes to™ forms, templates, checklists, and policies unless otherwise specifically designated by an authorized representative of The Westberry Group, Inc.)
  5. Reproduction of the™ trademark for resale, syndication, or any other use not outlined is strictly PROHIBITED.

For more information or to request permission for rights not specifically granted above, contact:

The Westberry Group, Inc. | 13194 US Highway 301 S., Suite 217 | Riverview, FL33579                                                                        | | (813) 677-1335


The Westberry Group, Inc. and™,LLC forms and information are designed to provide accurate and authoritative human resources information regarding the subject matter covered.  It is sold with the understanding that The Westberry Group, Inc. and, LLC and/or any affiliates are not engaged in rendering legal, accounting, or other professional services.  If legal, accounting, or other expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought.    (From a Declaration of Principles jointly adopted by a Committee of the American Bar Association and Committee of Publishers.)

©2005 – 2016 The Westberry Group, Inc. /, LLC

All rights reserved.  Purchasers of receive a license agreement that grants them the right to reproduce any and all forms from the purchased, in any quantity, provided the copies are as long as they are only used by the Purchaser and/or distributed only to the employees of the Purchaser’s organization and/or for the employees of your company in the performance of their duties as your employee.  This licensing agreement is contingent upon receipt of full payment. This license does not grant any other rights, nor does it give permission for resale, syndication, or any other use not expressly contained above.  Any other use, or reproduction without a licensing agreement, is a violation of U.S. and international copyright laws and is forbidden without express written permission from The Westberry Group, Inc.  To find out how to purchase the™ products and services and obtain a reproduction license, contact The Westberry Group, Inc., 13194 US Highway 301, S., Suite 217, Riverview, FL33579.


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