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Recruiting & Selection ToolKit

Tool Kits

Recruiting & Selection ToolKit


Recruiting & Selection ToolKit


HRToolKitsOnline is proud to introduce the new and updated Recruiting & Selection Toolkit. Complete with how-to-do-it forms you can change and adjust to fit your company, as well as sample policies and procedures and letters to create a full recruiting and selection process for your business. We even include our ‘11-Taboo Questions to Avoid During An Interview.’

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This ToolKit comes packed with information to help you kick-start you're recruiting and interviewing process. It might sound easy to just pick someone and hire him or her, but the fact of the matter's not that easy. Here we give you all the great tools and resources to help you interview smart and hire right!


  • Recruiting & Selection Policies & Procedures
  • Interviewing Basics
  • Taboo Questions
  • Open Ended Thinking
  • Performance Questions
  • Making Decisions
  • Selection Process
  • What is a Job Description
  • Analyzing the Job
  • Building the Job Description


  • Employment Applications (Long and Short Versions)
  • Reference Verification Form
  • Interview Evaluation Form
  • Sample Offer Letter
  • Sample Welcome Letter
  • Sample Not Selected Letters (Four Versions)
  • Extensive Job Description Worksheet
  • Sample Job Description Form


We give you everything you need to make the best hiring decisions. Everything you need is right here at your fingertips!

No need to search for forms! We give them all to you…and you can download them and customize them to fit your business needs.

No time wasted creating layouts and applications! We give you a long and short application form – completely ready for use. Simply download it and add your company name to the form! It’s really that easy!

Here's what some of our customers are saying about this toolkit:

"Purchasing the Recruiting & Selection HR ToolKit was what I needed to ensure my hiring process was correct. The job description worksheet is an incredible tool. If you're challenged with your hiring strategy and have questions about the hiring process, I highly recommend this HR Toolkit."

"I thought the interviewing/hiring information was great and I’m very happy.  A few of the managers have already called about implementing the Interview Evaluation form. Thanks for getting us updated on the best practices for interviewing and hiring. Yay!"

"I loved the section that spoke about “what makes your best worker the best at the job”, “… how much time do you spend with a new hire”, etc. I never considered those questions when I was developing job descriptions for my department so I think that was especially insightful. There were some wonderful tips that I wasn’t aware of. As always you are at the top of your game and the consummate professional."

"When I told them I had created two new positions and have buttoned up job descriptions for all five positions and was working on my first quarter training schedule they asked what I’d done."   

"We just hired two new employee’s and I have been reviewing the paperwork hoping I had everything I needed. Having your Recruiting & Selection Toolkit will be a big help. Thank you so much."