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Welcome to HRToolKitsOnline!

If you want the distinct advantage over your competition, do what smart U.S. business owners and HR Professionals are doing every day. Avoid employment rough spots and costly mistakes by getting started with your own Program TODAY!

Is Your Business Prepared for a Disaster?

For those on the coast and in and around areas that prepare each year for hurricane season, normal business operation can be interrupted quickly. However, hurricanes are not the only type of business interruption you may encounter. 

From June 1st through November 30th hurricane season can cause interruptions in your business as well as with your employees. We believe that every business should be prepared with a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that your management and employee staff understands the roles they play during this natural disaster.

A well-written Disaster Recovery Plan outlines the roles that your management staff should take to prepare for the business interruption. It also gives them a clear-cut process to follow to make sure their employees are informed and know what they are supposed to do.

Download our Disaster Recovery Outline to help get you started in preparing your business should a disaster interrupt your business!


People and just life in general can be puzzling. But above all, your relationships – personal, professional, and social - can be the most puzzling.  

Let's face it: All life is about making relationships work. And once you unlock the secrets of your unique strengths you’ll be able to turn any relationship a congenial adventure.


The Color Code Personality Assessment is the most accurate, comprehensive, affordable, and easy to use personality analysis available on the planet today.

Join Carol & Elizabeth in this fun, enlightening, and highly communicative workshop!

Join Carol & Elizabeth in this fun, enlightening, and highly communicative workshop!

Unlike other personality tests and behavioral analysis available today, The Color Code not only identifies what you do but why you do it!   You will gain deeper and more useful insights into what makes you tick. You’ll also learn what makes those around you tick. 

Believe me, this is the single most powerful tool that any person can gain.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a business leader, a teacher, a counselor, a parent, or just the average Joe trying to get by on planet earth, once you understand what motivates people to do what they do…the key to any relationship is yours for the taking.


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