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Ramping UP – Getting Ahead of the Overtime Tidal Wave

All US employers are about to be hit with the biggest change to our Wage and Hour laws, (the Fair Labor Standards Act [FLSA]) in more than a decade.

Is your organization going to be ready when this tidal wave hits?

Regardless of the timing of the final FLSA implementation, thanks to you, I will be ready well ahead of time and avoid the chaos. After all, we all know the way to avoid chaos is by educating ourselves and playing offense!
— Kathy List President & CEO Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati

On Wednesday, March 16th join HR expert, Carol Westberry for a clear explanation of the proposed changes to the rules and get practical business advice on how you can prepare your organization for the upcoming changes. 

In 2004, when the Department of Labor last revised the FLSA exemption regulations, overtime lawsuits exploded nationwide.  A recent BusinessWeek article quoted an attorney who said he could walk into any company and find a wage-and-hour violation. Any company.

The DOL reports that 70% of employers don't follow the FLSA rules to the letter, which means they are violating wage & hour laws.  Those numbers will dramatically increase when millions more employees become eligible for overtime.  Don’t let your organization become a statistic.

Carol will tell you in plain English the nuts and bolts of the new rules plus answer your questions about what you can do now to keep from drowning.

You’ll learn:

  • How to deal with new exempt classification rules
  • The method to convert exempt workers to hourly status rather than pay increased weekly base salary
  • What to do when you lower formerly exempt workers hourly rates of pay to make up for new overtime hours
  • When should you rewrite your job descriptions and how
  • The steps you can take to be prepared for increased record keeping
  • Deciding when to hire part-time employees in lieu of paying full-time workers overtime. And….
  • How will more hourly positions impact your recruiting efforts for hiring professionals

Save the Date – March 16th at 2pm and Register NOW.

And as a special Bonus for the first 100 registrants you’ll receive a copy of Carol’s handy checklist to help you decipher exempt/nonexempt status under the proposed new rules.

Join us for a Live Webinar on March 16, 2016 at 2PM ET. If you can't join us Live, make sure you still register to receive a link to the recording. This video will only be available to registrants.

Cost: Complimentary - FREE / No Cost!

Later Event: April 20
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